This is List-building ULTIMATE. No Website, NO Opt-in Unlimited Scaling

Easily & Instantly Deposit Leads & Emails Straight Into Your Autoresponder

Facebook Leads, Webinar Leads , Offline Event Leads

List Building is dead..... Long Live List building

  • Your List-building Strategy is Outdated Upgrade it To Something That Works

  • Yes, list-building as you know it is dead. Gone are the days when you could just herd subscribers to a lousy free ebook, grab their email ID and mail them for rest of your Internet Marketing life.

Subscribers got smart :

They already get so much mail that now they’ve developed a mental resistance to typing out their email addresses.

Administration prohibits it :

You gotta opt-in, then double-opt-in, then re-opt-in 2 months later. Being an email marketer is hard! The government is working against you too.


The List-building Cheese Isn’t Gone It Just MOVED!

  • Nothing works forever. All those classic list-building methodologies that you used back in the day were good till they lasted, but now they aren’t any good. Happily for you, there are new ways. There are new systems, new tricks, new methods to grab that lead and to sell to it.

    If You Are Looking For Gimmicks, Loopholes, Complicated Or Even Illegal Methods This Is Not For You! This Software Requires No Website, No Experience & You can get leads from Facebook leads ads, Webinar Leads and other offline event leads directly to your autoresponder.

Email List Management Has Been Extremely Time Consuming, Complicated and Full Of Restrictions!

  • Avoid complicated import processes that vary across the different email marketing platforms. Our software uses ‘smart technology’ to upload emails  that is much more effective

  • Stop worrying about email marketing platform account issues. Our software makes it easier than ever to move leads fast, safely, and easily

  • Depending on the platform you intend to send your list to, it can be anywhere from “kind of a pain in the butt” to almost impossible

  • Organizing your lists across email marketing platforms can be extremely frustrating

  • The time effort and frustration you spend just getting your leads organized could be MUCH BETTER spent on other things that help you grow your business

Remove PAIN and Manage ALL of your email lists from one convenient dashboard.

  • For the first time, brand new email list management software LYNX email is here that works with all Major Email service providers who are very reliable

  • Few clicks and your entire list can sync with top Email service providers

  • The good news is… …we’ve created the perfect solution that makes it easier than ever for you to manage your emails lists from one intuitive dashboard.

  • With this brand new software tool, you’ll be able to… Stop wasting time with complicated manual processes Maintain control of your leads and your lists

  • Stay organized so you can run your business instead of your business running you

  • Avoid complicated import processes that vary across the different email marketing platforms – Our software uses ‘smart technology’ to upload emails in a natural way that is much more effective than simply importing a list

  • Stop worrying about email marketing platform account issues, suspensions, and potential account closures – Although nothing is foolproof, our software makes it easier than ever to move leads fast, safely, and easily

Lynx Email Is A Tool That All Online Marketers Need

  • No technical skills required

  • No manually moving leads

  • No installing or updating any software – LynxEmail is securely hosted in the cloud

  • No complicated lead import processes that vary across the different email marketing platforms

  • Built-in ‘smart technology’ inside LynxEmail to upload emails in a natural way that’s far more effective than just importing a list

  • Having multiple email lists across different email service providers keeps your business safe and secure, gives you options, and can help you boost your results through segmentation

  • Right now there’s not an easy way to import new email lists, and if you’re trying to house lists at different email marketing platforms, it’s even more complicated

  • if an email marketing platform thinks you’re trying to ‘game the system,’ you run the risk of account issues up to and including closure in some cases

  • LynxEmail finally takes everything that used to be complicated about managing your email lists and makes it push-button simple

LynxEmail Solves Most Of These Problems And Finally Makes It Easy To Manage ALL Of Your Email Lists In One Convenient Place

  • Compatible with ALL major email marketing platforms

  • Upload your list to multiple email marketing providers with just a few clicks

  • LynxEmail uses advances in ‘smart technology’ to make it look natural when you’re uploading leads so you minimize the issues you often have when doing a bulk lead import

  • No sensitive information is stored on the LynxEmail servers

  • With LynxEmail you have FULL control of your email list

LynxEmail Is Compatible With ALL Major Email Marketing Platforms

LynxEmail Makes It Easy To Move Your List In Just 3 Simple Steps

  • Step #1 - Login and upload your list

  • Step #2 - Tell LynxEmail where you want to send your email list

  • Step #3 - LynxEmail sends your leads in a natural way so you can move your entire lists automatically without any issues or hard work required on your part

I Can Upload My List Directly, Then Why Do I Need LYNX Email

Watch This Demo Video For LynxEmail (Some Sections Are Hidden For Privacy Reasons)

With LYNX Email, You will be able to

  • LynxEmail is an all-in-one email marketing software tool that makes your job easier, saves you time, and helps you make more money from your leads

  • The LynxEmail app is 100% secure, safe to use, and you will not have any

  • You don’t need any technical skills or experience because LynxEmail does all the hard work is done for you

  • It used to take hours to do many of the tasks that LynxEmail does in just a few minutes

Lynx Email Is Loaded With Hot Features That Finally Put YOU In The Driver’s Seat With Your Email List

  • LynxEmail Hosted In The Cloud. You can access LynxEmail from anywhere in the world with internet access.

  • LynxEmail Is Compatible With ALL Major Email Marketing Platforms You can link any major email marketing platform with LynxEmail for fast and easy email list portability.

  • LynxEmail features an intuitive dashboard that makes it fast and easy to see what’s been uploaded and get the full stats of your email list migration on the fly.

  • Smart Lead Transfer technology, Leads uploaded with LynxEmail are added in a smart, natural way so there are no issues with any of your email marketing providers.

  • Point And Click Lead Portability With LynxEmail, you’ll never have to manually upload leads directly to email service provider or worry about losing leads during the process because LynxEmail does all the heavy lifting for you on autopilot!

  • Safe And Secure Platform No private lead data is stored on our servers and once the lead is uploaded, the data is purged from the software.


Limited Time Package




Once this lifetime deal is gone, it will be sold Monthly at a Higher Price, Also you will have consume it in a Month.

IMPORTANT : Only during this Lifetime deal, you have no limitation to use it in certain number of days. You can use it at any time.


(1) What does 50,000 and 250,000 leads / emails means

Answer : You can upload your email list of 50,000 and 250,000 Contact. These are contact credits, which once used are gone.


(2) What ESP (Email service providers) LYNX email has direct integration

Answer: We integrate will all ESP via ZAPIER, but direct integration is will Get response, Aweber and Active Campaign

(3) When using ZAPIER, do i need a paid account

Answer : Zapier does give certain days of trial account (You need to check as it can change at any time), but yes it will be a paid account

(4) Do you guarantee that all my leads to go to my list in ESP (Email service provider)

Answer : Firstly Your list on ESP must be single OPT-IN. Second the quality of your email and ESP Policy will decide if ESP will accept that email - example sending an email will be banned.  LYNX email job is to take leads from LYNX email via its LYNX processor to the door steps of the ESP in a natural way, it is decision of the ESP to let that lead in or no.

(5) Do you offer money back Guarantee

Answer : NO, LYNX email business is transportation of leads from LYNX email via LYNX processor to door steps of ESP (Email Service Provider). The process is made visible to human eye so you can see each email going to ESP. Therefore LYNX email does its job. Hence we donot offer money back.

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